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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Calgary Meryl Wheeler 2-2316 Profile
    Melissa Witzaney 2-6776 Profile
    Fort McMurray Nancy Henderson 2-3103 Profile
    Nathan Hart 2-6523 Profile
    Edmonton Stephanie Nathanail 2-5248 Profile
    Calgary Nathan Boyd 2-4952 Profile
    Calgary Nicole Ainsworth 2-3183 Profile
    Neil Mason 2-6527 Profile
    Calgary Nathan Hollinger 2-5385 Profile
    Calgary Jenna Nichol 2-4577 Profile
    Calgary Nicholas Beresford 2-6509 Profile
    Lethbridge Nicholas Ontkean 2-5459 Profile
    Edmonton Nicole McLean 2-3239 Profile
    Edmonton Danielle O'Callaghan 2-5202 Profile
    Edmonton Olivia Daly 2-6037 Profile
    Paola Romeo 2-6420 Profile
    Calgary Patrick Clayton 2-0747 Profile
    Edmonton Paul Trevor 2-5901 Profile
    Edmonton Jennifer Peters 2-4495 Profile
    Hanna Chad Brummund 2-3653 Profile