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What makes athletic therapy different?

Athletic Therapists are musculoskeletal experts that specialize in orthopaedic assessment and rehabilitation of all physical injuries.Athletic Therapists provide a unique service specializing in extensive hands-on and manual approaches that are coupled with active and individualized therapeutic return to physical activity.

In Alberta, several insurance companies have already realized the benefits of including Athletic Therapy services. Although the following Insurance Companies accept billing for Athletic Therapy, please contact your insurer prior to receiving services as each policy will vary according to individualized employee benefits packages.

Insurance companies who currently cover Athletic Therapy in Alberta

Insurance Companies

  • Alberta Blue Cross (via Health Spending Account)
  • Allsport
  • Canadian Life Assurance
  • CHA Health
  • Citadel Assurance
  • Clarica
  • Co-operators
  • Desjardins
  • The Economical Insurance Group
  • Equitable Life of Canada
  • Great West Life
  • Green Shield Canada
  • Industrial-Alliance Pacific
  • Liberty Health
  • Manulife Financial
  • Premiere Life
  • Standard Life
  • Sunlife
  • Wawanessa

Other Organizations/Companies

  • Canadian Hockey Association
  • National and provincial members of Hockey/Volleyball/Basketball/Rugby/Baseball/Soccer Canada
  • Kodak
  • Air Canada
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Canada Post
  • Purina
  • IBM

The Alberta Athletic Therapist Association has created the following templates to help you request the addition of Athletic Therapy to your extended medical plan.

Request for addition of Athletic Therapy: Employee Letter to Employer

Request for addition of Athletic Therapy: Employee Letter to Insurance Company