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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Edmonton Meaghan Maynard 2-4229 Profile
    Calgary Megan Sullivan 2-5217 Certified (Provisional) Profile
    Calgary Megan Drouin 2-6918 Profile
    Red Deer Melanie Tuck 2-1808 Profile
    Calgary Melissa Petryna 2-4918 Profile
    Calgary Michelle Gaudet 2-6073 Profile
    Calgary Micah Reim 2-5648 Profile
    Red Deer Michael Elchuk 2-2686 Profile
    Medicine Hat Mikki Lanuk 2-2275 Profile
    Calgary Mina Fadol 2-4595 Profile
    Calgary Miranda McGhee 2-6702 Profile
    Edmonton Miranda Sallaway 2-3591 Profile
    Calgary Monica Cooke 2-2042 Profile
    Calgary Mark Lafave 2-1288 Profile
    Calgary Morgan Mills 2-6718 Profile
    Morgan Walper 2-6469 Profile
    Lethbridge Morgan Merrill 2-7106 Profile
    Calgary Morris Boyer 2-1229 Profile
    Calgary Majlis Sofia Theander 2-5661 Profile
    Calgary Moira Taylor 2-6206 Profile