About The AATA

We represent, promote and provide leadership and opportunity for Athletic Therapists across Alberta

The AATA has more than 225 members across the province

The key role of the Alberta Athletic Therapist’s Association (AATA) is to represent, promote, and provide leadership and opportunity for Athletic Therapists across Alberta. The AATA works to ensure that all of its members have met and maintained both National and Provincial membership requirements.

Athletic Therapists (AT) are best known for providing on-field emergency care for professional and elite athletes. ATs are skilled in returning athletes to competition and maximizing their performance as fast as possible after an injury. ATs also clinically treat the everyday athlete ranging from the weekend warrior to individuals who have injured themselves on the job. Because ATs rehabilitate injuries using the Sports Medicine Model, individuals experience a faster recovery, decreased chance of further injury, and have fewer visits to a healthcare professional.

As of 2021, the AATA has 350 Certified members across the province and is working towards obtaining provincial regulation.

Vision: To support Athletic Therapists and Athletic Therapy endeavours in Alberta.

Mission: Create a strong and healthy association by advocating for and providing leadership to Athletic Therapists across Alberta.

AATA’s five strategic focus areas are:

  1. Support members in their individual efforts to deliver quality, individual-centric treatment to Albertans;
  2. Increase public awareness about the profession of Athletic Therapy and it’s services;
  3. Become a more effective and disciplined association;
  4. Obtain provincial regulation for Athletic Therapists in Alberta; and
  5. Ensure all athletic therapists in Alberta maintain the minimum national certification requirements to uphold the standard of Athletic Therapy in Canada.

Our goal is to achieve regulation in Alberta and to have AATA members support us in achieving this by playing an active role in advocating for and promoting the profession.