The classified section in the member only area of is a great way to advertise job opportunities, volunteer opportunities, courses, products and services for sale.

AATA Classified Listings are a dedicated service for AATA, this means only members can see this post ensuring your ad reaches its intended audience. Classifieds can include private sale of AT Therapy related used equipment clinic space rental or leases, sales of AT practice, employment ads and volunteer opportunities.

AATA members are eligible to receive 1 free classified postings per month, additional classified postings will be eligible for a 25% reduction.

How to Submit your Ad

  1. Submit your Advertisement
    1. Attached TYPED description in Microsoft Word format. We will not retype your advertisement, so please be sure to proof read it and submit it in the required format.
    2. Include your business information
    3. Indicate your preferred listing date
    4. To have a logo or photo included in your advertisement, please send a jpeg along with the wording for your advertisement by email, please note 1 graphic limit per advertisement.
    5. Submit via
  2. Payment
    1. The monthly cost for all posting is $75 per month, with discounts for consecutive monthly postings as outlined below.
    2. Payment must be made at the time of booking. Postings will not be completed until full payment has been made.
    3. Please note that your ad will be posted as close to the desired start date as possible and the system will automatically remove the posting upon expiration.
  3. Receipt
    1. Once payment is received, you will be sent an email with the official receipt of payment attached, confirming that the listing has been posted. If you require a copy of your posted advertisement to be sent, please contact us – we will no longer send out a copy of the advertisement unless requested.

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