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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Klara Gorman 2-6519 Certified (Provisional) Profile
    Calgary Kerri Downer 2-2527 Profile
    Edmonton Kevin Robinson 2-5933 Profile
    Okotoks Krista Burton 2-2129 Profile
    Calgary Kristen Huber 2-6413 Profile
    Edmonton Kristin Atkinson 2-5343 Profile
    Calgary Kristina Hanley 2-5430 Profile
    Calgary Kristin Streed 2-2379 Profile
    Edmonton Kristoffer Quero 2-4769 Profile
    Calgary Katrina Van Waes 2-6065 Profile
    Okotoks Khatija Westbrook 2-1305 Profile
    Calgary Kevin Wagner 2-2848 Profile
    Kylie Cunningham 2-6914 Profile
    Calgary Lucy Bishop 2-5715 Profile
    Calgary Lauren Church 2-5128 Profile
    Red Deer Lauren Catellier 2-5828 Profile
    Lindsey Beaver 2-6788 Profile
    Calgary Lee Mackenzie 2-2734 Profile
    Edmonton LeeAnne Gullett 2-6467 Profile
    Calgary Leslie Clarke 2-6411 Profile