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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Calgary Kali Wong 2-6806 Profile
    Edmonton Kassandra McPherson 2-4365 Profile
    Calgary Karen Tran 2-6201 Profile
    Calgary Karla Skog 2-2769 Profile
    Calgary Kate Exley 2-5601 Profile
    Cochrane Katelyn Katelyn 2-6525 Profile
    Chestermere Katelyn Trippier 2-4560 Profile
    Edmonton Kristin Constantinoff 2-4562 Profile
    Edmonton Kellen Antoniuk 2-5091 Profile
    Warner Kelsey Gillette 2-4807 Profile
    Calgary Kendall Hoople 2-6869 Profile
    Spruce Grove Kerri Crozier 2-3408 Profile
    Kevin McLarty 2-6553 Certified (Provisional) Profile
    Calgary Kevin Elliott 2-4264 Profile
    Brooks Karyn Fanstone 2-4968 Profile
    Edmonton Krysta Graovac 2-4342 Profile
    Edmonton Kimberly Doll 2-4213 Profile
    Edmonton Kim Layton 2-3412 Profile
    Calgary Kirsten Toth 2-5111 Profile
    Fort McMurray Karissa Kuhr 2-5959 Profile