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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Edmonton Emily Herle 2-5709 Profile
    Fort McMurray Nancy Henderson 2-3103 Profile
    Olds Rebecca Henderson 2-2927 Profile
    Edmonton Nathaniel Hay 2-3808 Profile
    Calgary Curtis Hawkins 2-4699 Profile
    Calgary Charley Hasselaar 2-5626 Profile
    Nathan Hart 2-6523 Profile
    Calgary Jennifer Harrison 2-1200 Profile
    Edmonton Andrea Hanssen 2-3434 Profile
    Calgary Kristina Hanley 2-5430 Profile
    Calgary Lillian Hamilton 2-6504 Profile
    Edmonton Emily Hamel 2-5983 Profile
    Edmonton LeeAnne Gullett 2-6467 Profile
    Calgary Josh Guenther 2-4711 Profile
    Cochrane Michael Gudmundson 2-3158 Profile
    Calgary Brady Greening 2-3144 Profile
    Edmonton Edward Greene 2-5394 Profile
    Edmonton Krysta Graovac 2-4342 Profile
    Klara Gorman 2-6519 Certified (Provisional) Profile
    Edmonton Erin Gordon 2-5987 Profile