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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Calgary Sarah Barber 2-4670 Profile
    Canmore Sarah Breu 2-3711 Profile
    Calgary Sarah Twelvetree 2-2542 Profile
    Calgary Sarah Wiafe 2-3809 Profile
    Sarah Scott 2-6911 Profile
    St. Albert Sara Cusack 2-6036 Profile
    Samantha Delsing 2-6729 Profile
    Samantha Nyenhuis 2-6775 Profile
    Calgary Ryan Otsuka 2-6114 Profile
    Airdrie Robyn Bagley 2-2225 Profile
    Lethbridge Robyn Simmons 2-4565 Profile
    Edmonton Robin Tharle 2-3407 Profile
    Red Deer Robert Manca 2-1853 Profile
    Calgary Renae Saunders 2-7113 Profile
    Edmonton Rena Esmail 2-4760 Profile
    Olds Rebecca Henderson 2-2927 Profile
    Canmore Rebecca Kuresh 2-6056 Profile
    Calgary Rebecca Holm 2-6502 Certified Profile
    Edmonton Randy Kuefler 2-5392 Profile
    Calgary Rachel McKenzie 2-4575 Profile