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Use this search to verify the Athletic Therapist in Alberta has maintained status and are in good standing with the AATA. Search by first name, last name, or registration number.

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    First Name Last Name Location (City) Registration Number
    Brandon Salter Edmonton
    Brandon Thome Calgary
    Breda Eubank Calgary
    Brent Gaudreau Lethbridge
    Sarah Breu Canmore
    Brian Cheeseman Edmonton
    Brodie Lefaivre Airdrie
    Brooke Jensen Beaumont
    Brynna Maloughney Red Deer
    Bonnie Sutter Calgary
    Tara Bissell Airdrie
    Charlotte Van Audenrode Calgary
    Candace Baker Drayton Valley
    Carly Kolesnik Airdrie
    Carolyn Glavacevic Lethbridge
    Chris Davie Edmonton
    Courtney Van Beers Calgary
    Colleen Floria Edmonton
    Jaclyn Caione Cochrane
    Chantelle Touchette Calgary