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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Calgary Morris Boyer 2-1229 Profile
    Calgary Jami Boyd 2-3349 Profile
    Calgary Nathan Boyd 2-4952 Profile
    Edmonton Alexandria Boussey 2-7053 Profile
    Calgary Mathew Bonneau 2-4012 Profile
    Edmonton Danielle Boehres 2-4380 Profile
    Okotoks Savannah Blakley 2-4961 Profile
    Airdrie Logan Blackmore 2-5491 Profile
    Calgary Amanda Black 2-4174 Profile
    Airdrie Tara Bissell 2-4708 Profile
    Calgary Lucy Bishop 2-5715 Profile
    Calgary Harleen Bhullar 2-6445 Profile
    Calgary Jamie Bessant 2-3249 Profile
    Calgary Dave Bertrand 2-6599 Profile
    Lethbridge Amanda Bergen Henengouwen 2-4921 Profile
    Calgary Nicholas Beresford 2-6509 Profile
    Lindsey Beaver 2-6788 Profile
    Calgary Crystal Bartkowski 2-6364 Profile
    Calgary Sarah Barber 2-4670 Profile
    Drayton Valley Candace Baker 2-4169 Profile