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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Edmonton Emily Herle 2-5709 Profile
    Edmonton Emily Hamel 2-5983 Profile
    Edmonton Edward Greene 2-5394 Profile
    Red Deer Dylaney Thompson 2-5742 Profile
    Calgary Dylan Turner 2-5160 Profile
    Edmonton Dwayne Laing 2-2325 Profile
    Calgary Douglas Lacombe 1234567 Profile
    Edmonton Donovan Orr 2-5029 Profile
    Grande Prairie Donald Golden 2-7049 Profile
    Dillon Hunter 2-5632 Profile
    Okotoks Dianne Doyle 2-3225 Profile
    Calgary Diane Dleikan 2-5452 Profile
    Devin Keenan 2-6511 Certified (Provisional) Profile
    Calgary Dennis Valdez 2-2150 Profile
    Fort McMurray Dawn Brenie 2-4267 Profile
    Calgary Dave Bertrand 2-6599 Profile
    Edmonton Dave Wright 2-1445 Profile
    Calgary Darrius Samaco 2-6938 Profile
    Darcy LaRochelle 2-6900 Profile
    Edmonton Danielle Boehres 2-4380 Profile