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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Calgary Jeffrey Owen 2-5645 Profile
    Calgary Jeffery Kubik 2-6512 Certified Profile
    Calgary Jeff Peach 2-5156 Profile
    Jayke Janssen 2-6899 Profile
    Calgary Janet McBride 2-4455 Profile
    Calgary Jamie Bessant 2-3249 Profile
    Calgary Jami Boyd 2-3349 Profile
    Edmonton James McKnight 2-5698 Profile
    Grande Prairie Jade Viegas 2-4695 Profile
    Cochrane Jaclyn Caione 2-3554 Profile
    Calgary Jackie Vi 2-6631 Profile
    Lethbridge Jacalyn Moore 2-4892 Profile
    Iveta Milciute 2-6805 Profile
    Heidi Spencer 2-6517 Profile
    Red Deer Heather Fletcher 2-3240 Profile
    Calgary Harley Thwaites 2-5921 Profile
    Calgary Harleen Bhullar 2-6445 Profile
    Lloydminster Hailee Dayman 2-5596 Profile
    Calgary Hailee Coll 2-6425 Profile
    Lethbridge Gordon Watt 2-1744 Profile