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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Kylie Cunningham 2-6914 Profile
    Kyra Widenmaier 2-6494 Profile
    Calgary Lucy Bishop 2-5715 Profile
    Calgary Lauren Church 2-5128 Profile
    Red Deer Lauren Catellier 2-5828 Profile
    Lindsey Beaver 2-6788 Profile
    Calgary Lee Mackenzie 2-2734 Profile
    Edmonton LeeAnne Gullett 2-6467 Profile
    Calgary Leslie Clarke 2-6411 Profile
    Calgary Lillian Hamilton 2-6504 Profile
    Calgary Lindsay Langlais (Ibey) 2-4920 Profile
    Edmonton Lisa Swallow 2-3258 Profile
    Edmonton Lisa Workun 2-3411 Profile
    Airdrie Logan Blackmore 2-5491 Profile
    Lorraine Lorenzo 2-6506 Profile
    Cochrane Michael Gudmundson 2-3158 Profile
    Red Deer Melinda Krulicki 2-4939 Profile
    Calgary Maddie Colton 2-6286 Profile
    Crossfield Madeline Cosh 2-4938 Profile
    Okotoks Madison McArdle 2-6463 Certified Profile