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Maitland Martin

Natural Way Chiropractic, Calgary



  • My dad was a professional hockey player and I was always so intrigued by the people in all black running on to the ice to help injured athletes. Then I became an athlete myself and just have always been fascinated with the prevention of injuries and sustaining of an athletic career/life.

  • Everything in moderation

  • I think that we can treat injuries and assess patients. Most people believe we are place holders for physical therapists.

  • I had an athlete suffer a trauma that was so far out from what 99% of people will experience in their lives and being with her in the season following that trauma was my proudest moment. She remains a good friend to this day but helping her return to athletics after what she went through and being her support system is something I hold very close to my heart.

  • I moved to the United States and lived in Vail, CO where I worked for an orthopedic surgeon doing research and learned more over that six month period that was cut short because of the pandemic than any other six month period. I taught myself how to ski, observed multiple disciplines and surgeries and published work with my name on it.


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