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Terra Sergeant

Sergeant Athletic Therapy/Absolute Athletic Therapy, Calgary



  • I am an ultra runner, and I slipped on some ice while training. I ended up injuring myself and getting a referral to an athletic therapist. I was blown away by what she could do, and how different the experience was from any previous physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments I had in the past. It was fascinating, and effective, and I fell in love with athletic therapy.

  • Small things that you do every day have the biggest impact to your quality of life. Consistency is key.

  • That athletic therapy can benefit everyone, not just elite athletes

  • That's hard to answer. I feel my proudest moments are every single time I make a difference in a client's quality of life.

  • I worked in dentistry for a very long time, which translated well into athletic therapy. I understand the head and neck well, I know the dental world, and I work with dentists to help treat TMJ clients.


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