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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Calgary Renae Saunders 2-7113 Profile
    Lethbridge Morgan Merrill 2-7106 Profile
    Grande Prairie Donald Golden 2-7049 Profile
    Calgary Brooke Wynnyk 2-6968 Profile
    Calgary Ryan Wright 2-6954 (provisional) Profile
    Calgary Caera Munro 2-6948 Profile
    Calgary Darrius Samaco 2-6938 Profile
    Calgary Megan Drouin 2-6918 Profile
    Kylie Cunningham 2-6914 Profile
    Bonnyville Taylor Cochrane 2-6912 Profile
    Sarah Scott 2-6911 Profile
    Darcy LaRochelle 2-6900 Profile
    Jayke Janssen 2-6899 Profile
    Summer Hill 2-6878 Profile
    Yostina Wanis 2-6872 Profile
    Calgary Kendall Hoople 2-6869 Profile
    Jessica Murray 2-6854 Profile
    Jonathan Robinson 2-6830 Profile
    Iveta Milciute 2-6805 Profile
    Lindsey Beaver 2-6788 Profile
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