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    Location (City) First Name Last Name Photo Registration Number Meet this Member
    Edmonton Gabriel Yeung 2-3773 Profile
    Edmonton Matt Yaworski 2-4555 Profile
    Calgary Brooke Wynnyk 2-6968 Profile
    Edmonton Dave Wright 2-1445 Profile
    Calgary Ryan Wright 2-6954 (provisional) Profile
    Edmonton Lisa Workun 2-3411 Profile
    Calgary Kali Wong 2-6806 Profile
    Melissa Witzaney 2-6776 Profile
    Calgary Scott Wilson 2-4073 Profile
    Kyra Widenmaier 2-6494 Profile
    Calgary Sarah Wiafe 2-3809 Profile
    Calgary Meryl Wheeler 2-2316 Profile
    Okotoks Khatija Westbrook 2-1305 Profile
    Lethbridge Gordon Watt 2-1744 Profile
    Calgary Brendan Warawa 2-5487 Profile
    Calgary Yostina Wanis 2-6872 Profile
    Morgan Walper 2-6469 Profile
    Calgary Kevin Wagner 2-2848 Profile
    Calgary Stephen Wady 2-4524 Profile
    Grande Prairie Jade Viegas 2-4695 Profile
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