Amanda Hillman

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  • I grew up as a dancer and I was always interested in learning more about how the body actually works and what leads to dance related injuries. I am now a dance teacher as well as an Athletic Therapist so I love being able to combine my two professions. I love training dancers one-on-one either post injury to help them get back to where they were before, pre-injury to help them prevent injuries from occurring in the first place or even just to improve and elevate specific skills.

  • I try to encourage my clients to actually understand what is going on in their body so they can successfully prevent injury and properly train skills. It is important for clients to understand proper technique and understand a bit more about how their body works so they can optimize their training. There are a lot of misconceptions about proper training and technique in dance which can lead to injury or less than optimal performance. My goal is to prevent and correct this and help dancers reach their full potential!


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