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  • I always thought I wanted to be a physiotherapist, I sat in and helped examen the physio students while studying kinesiology at UBC. In the same year I was fortunate to work with the UBC women Rugby team as a Athletic Therapy Student. I fell in love with the roll and thus my start to my Athletic Therapy Career

  • No matter how much manual therapy you get, if you aren't given proper exercises, then you become reliant on the healthcare professional. My motto is " motion is lotion". Movement is the key.

  • They think the term means you have to be an athlete to see an Athletic Therapist, but we fix everyone from young kids, seniors, weekend warriors. We are about active rehab and our goal is to get you back moving.

  • I had a young dancer who had injured her knee and had been dealing with her injury for 5 years. She had seen multiple physiotherapists who kept telling her that she had just strained her hamstring. After one assessment with me I determined that she had a complete ACL rupture. I referred her to a sports Med doctor who confirmed the diagnosis and he then referred her off to Banff to Dr Heard who also confirmed the diagnosis and got her in for surgery right away. She was so excited as she learned that her issue was real and the other healthcare professional kept misdiagnosing her.

  • When I was young I hated the sight of blood- my family use to joke about it. When they found out that I wanted to be an Athletic Therapist they could not believe it. I have since become accustom of the sight of blood and it doesn't bother me. Although, I am still not a fan of needles. lol

    I am a big proponent of giving back to the community- I am involved with the Women's Shelter pf Calgary, and I work with the National Rwandan Cycling team in Africa.


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