Sarah Breu

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  • Growing up as an athlete I had my fair share of injuries and was fascinated by the taping and exercises therapists gave me to be able to continue participating safely as I healed. I was inspired to do the same.

  • The importance of properly warming up before activity with appropriate exercises that address the correct energy system and dynamic stretches to help aid performance but also to prevent injuries. And equally as much the importance of a cool down with static stretches and mobilizations that will aide recovery so as to also prevent injuries.

  • How we look at the entire body to determine the root cause of the injury and not just focus on where the pain is.

  • I am super grateful for all the opportunities I have had to travel with sports teams across Canada and the US providing care to high level athletes.
    I always feel such a great sense of success when a patient starts to feel relief from their pain especially when it is one that has been nagging for a long time.

  • I love being outside and active. I am happier in the mountains on a trail or on a lake.


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