Savannah Blakley

ProSport Athletic and Physical Therapy,



  • Growing up playing sports and having a very active lifestyle I wanted to be able to help people to continue to do this through helping with their injuries. I also enjoy puzzles and I find any injury and the human body a puzzle and you just have to find the right piece to make everything fit and work together.

  • Movement and correct movement is extremely important. That moment that we stop moving or start moving incorrectly is when we start to get injured. So keep moving, keep moving with a purpose and always listen to how your body feels.

  • I believe that people find it most surprising just to know more about the profession and the knowledge that we have. There is still a lot of people who do not understand our role in the community, in the sports world and in the rehabilitation setting.

  • Greatest success is performing CPR and saving someones life outside the sporting field but for an event put on for the association I work with. Knowing that the first aid and first responder training works and that i was able to respond and handle myself in a stressful situation was a very proud moment.


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