Jamie Bessant

Physical Solutions & the FML method,



  • Simply becoming more aware of your body and how you move will change everything!

  • Giving people hope and results when they first thought they just had to live with their struggles.

  • I have always done things differently, asked why a thousands times, played and explored details, and made things up as I went along to see what would happen!
    I never wanted to do something just to do it. Some could say I’m stubborn but I like to say I am persistent.
    When I was a kid my parents would kick me, my brother and sister out of the car to walk home because we weren’t behaving. My brother and sister would do just that walk, but not me I would sit there until they came back to get me 🙂.
    Persistence that still holds true today!
    I love helping people break free of their limitations, creating efforts that actually help long term and moving beyond what even they thought was possible when it comes to our bodies.


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