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  • The team environment of the profession is what initially inspired me to become an Athletic Therapist. As someone who grew up playing team sports, I fell in love with the idea of pursuing a career that encompasses this same environment.

  • Your success will only be as great as the effort you put in at home. Coming into the clinic to get treatment and/or rehab is half the battle, the work you put in during your own time is what sky rockets a persons success.

  • That we don't just treat athletes. A lot of people are intimidated by the name "athletic therapy," because most people don't see themselves as athletes in their everyday lives. However, athletic therapy is for everyone!

  • My proudest moment as an AT thus far was identifying, referring, and rehabbing an athlete with a hip labral tear after numerous health care professionals had told the athlete nothing was wrong with their hip. Not only was this a big success at the start of my athletic therapy career, but this athlete was able to teach me a lot about their sport as an alpine skier which I had little knowledge about prior to this experience. I am now one of her biggest fans and get excited seeing her succeed on the hill!

  • I grew up in Stony Plain, AB where I was primarily surrounded by hockey growing up. Since moving to Calgary i've had the opportunity to expand my sports knowledge and have found a new passion for watching and working on the sidelines of football and basketball.

    Growing up in a family that loves playing cards and board games is why I believe I have remained very competitive. There is still nothing like enjoying a night in with friends or family to play games!


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