Jennifer Morneau

Accelerate Sports Therapy and Osteo-a-Point,




  • Working with sports teams at Dalhousie University and St Mary's University in Halifax. The Athletic Therapy staff at St Mary's University were exceptional people.

  • There's no quick fix.

  • Similarities in function to Physiotherapy. Skill set and knowledge on the field.

  • Hearing that my steri-strip work on head wounds of rugby players was so good that the ER doctors didn't need to do stitches.
    Being thanked by parents of a high school wrestler who was hit in the throat. Paramedics were called, but decided he was ok and left. Persistence from myself and a colleague - encouraged the parents to take him to the hospital for further evaluation as he was in a lot of pain and stressed with breathing. Turned out he had a fracture hyoid bone.


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